Featured Submissions: No. 1


Designed by Supreme – DBA


Comms.UK chose us as a partner to develop a new vision with them, creating a tangible brand that positions them away from the status quo of their industry. The development and application of this then became the indisputable goal and future of the project.

The Communications and IT world is a noisy place and filled with a panoply of choice. Brands need to demonstrate their difference through a considered personality and position—doing that well makes it easy for customers to understand the difference. Comms.UK’s old position was as a local company with a superb reputation — However, it was only known via its current customer base and was not voiced externally, meaning it’s methodology, process, beliefs, and ethos wasn’t echoed in the company’s visual communications — Both through its identity and tone — on and offline.

Starting with ‘How’, What, and ‘Why’ we answered these hard questions with research, client dialogue and more questions before starting to work on the visual elements—we believe that contextual research always affects the visual outcome. Vision requires courage to create big ideas—it facilitates enterprise, products, and services that are sustained by organisations who have the ability to imagine what others cannot see, and the tenacity to deliver what others don’t believe possible. Summarised; Comms.UK needed to be presented in a professional manner that was honest, clear and confident.

The rebrand, consisting of a new identity, brand & product architecture, visual system and website — along with print and digital assets; that not only aligns with their new brand statement but also mirrors their understanding of the client’s requirements.

Nut Genius

Designed by Marlon Mayugb


Margeaux and Linda’s Vegan Kitchen, a company based in California, USA, asked me to create an identity and packaging design for their latest product called Nut Genus, a nutrient-dense food bar made of common-sense ingredients, vegan, low-carb and starch-free.

The design was meant to incorporate a contemporary look and feel. The color scheme is based on the main ingredients of each flavor, and the pattern designed to be subtle, inspired from the shape of cashew nut, which is one its recurring ingredients.

The first four product line of Nut Genius include Superfood Almond Chia Cacao Bar, Savory Almond Chia Turmeric Bar, Almond Chia Dandelion Caraway Bar, and Saffron Coconut Orange Cashew Bar.

Ceremony of the traditional festival of Japan

By Yuta Takahashi


We carried out the visual design for a traditional festival in Shikoku, Japan.

During this traditional Autumn festival, a crowd of over 100 people carry a gold ornamented “taikodai.” 2016 marked a special year for the ceremony as for the first time in 20 years the taiko drum, believed to house the spirit of the festival, was to be replaced. We were commissioned to make a design in keeping with this auspicious occasion.

We set about analyzing the materials necessary to construct the drum, paying particular attention to the rivets which would be essential for the drum’s structure. The riveting, which determines the sound of the drum, was carried out with great care. Our graphic design used the same number of rivets as the taiko drum – 150 – to create a piece with an identity befitting of the ceremony.

We borrowed the energy and passion of young calligraphy artist, Mami, whose work has been celebrated both in Japan and abroad. This new collaboration proved fruitful, and Mami’s bold yet delicate characters can be seen in several features.

Imabari towels are a luxury gift item produced in the region which have become a byword for high-grade towels. Made using premium Supima cotton – the highest grade of American cotton – the towels are bleached using a natural method which earns them an ecological mark. Using traditional Japanese “kiribako” paulownia boxes, we created a novel, minimalist packaging design that synthesizes tradition and innovation.

We maintained a balance between craftsmanship, traditional culture, and modernity, aiming to innovate on traditional Japanese culture using modern design.

The plain foot file

By Plain Products


The Plain Foot File has been created with feet in mind – small feet , big feet , flat feet, arched feet. Angled to the perfect degree, it’s been designed to give you the best-reaching foot scrub ever. It comes with replaceable emery pads, so a consistent quality buff is guaranteed.

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