Featured Submissions: No. 3

Ink & Osprey Desktop Accessories

By Rachel Many

Ink & Osprey Studio’s collection is an assortment of unique desktop accessories and fine art paper goods. Fatigued after spending so many hours grueling over computer screens, digital renderings, and demanding deadlines, I began experimenting with more analog methods of construction. The collection has evolved out of my desire to create tangible works of substance that allow us to offset our use of automated electronics and simply slow down from today’s frenzied pace.

The collection includes vegan, foil and leather notebooks, archival art prints, and a timeless, solid brass pen. Each piece is thoughtfully designed and finished by hand with a geometric and minimalist sophistication that balances creativity with functionality.

Rachel Many – Art Director / Designer

TOJI Sake Identity & Packaging

By Swear Words

Inspired by the symmetry and order of Zen gardens and the perfect raked lines produced during the drying process of Sake rice, Toji’s identity and package balance the need for both a strong shelf presence and a profound respect for tradition. All grids and proportions are a homage to Japanese architecture and derived from the 2:1 Tatami mat ratio.

Designers: Tom Clayton, Maegan Brown, Holly Worthington
Creative Director: Scott Larritt

Ommani Branding & Packaging

By Caracter

Ommani is a Holistic Kitchen dedicated to providing food, beverage, and products that promote a healthy lifestyle. Visually inspired by natural, peaceful elements like zen gardens, the moon, flow of energy and a color palette of earth, sand, and stone.

The name references a known mantra, “Om mani padme hum.” It speaks about transforming an impure body, speech, and mind into the pure, exalted body, speech, and mind.

The brand’s pattern is inspired by zen gardens and calming waves that represent the flow of energy. This earthy graphic is used throughout the materials, such as wrapping paper and packaging.

To keep a consistent line throughout the experience, we helped Ommani develop creative names for their menu as well. Some examples are the Om-elette, Path to Parfait, Açai Aura, Yin Yam, Portobello Portal and Cacao Core.

The decorative wrapping paper doubled as a protective wrap for food or as giftwrap for the purchase of products.

Branding & Design: Caracter
Candle packaging: Collaboration with Memento
Interior Design: Tafich Zepeda Arquitectura

Mjøderiet Branding & Packaging

By Reklamekollektivet

We were assigned the task of designing logo and packaging design for Norway’s first fertilizer, which creates both traditional and modernized mead. People’s perception of mead is something completely different from reality, and the challenge was to make mead an attractive alcoholic product similar to microbrewed beer and cider. Did you know that mud really is a form of honey?

By painting runes in honey we gave a new life to urnordic design. The traditional runes were digitized and inserted into Nordic minimalism to create a modern and pure visual language. 

Øystein Haara Photography

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