Featured Submissions: 04

GÄ-DES Fashion Brand Identity

By Alessia Sistori

GÄ-DES sells fashion to strong, independent and sophisticated women from all over the world. The brand transmits strength and self-confidence, but at the same time is feminine and elegant. This brand works with glamorous materials, which makes every woman feel like a goddess wearing it.

The brand has a very strong layout and typographic language, which makes it very recognizable. This offers the possibility of using a different kind of paper and material for every new collection, without losing the essence and character of the brand. This concept is a reference to the endless variety of women in the world, who this brand is speaking to.
The two collections presented are the standard collection (white paper and material) and the winter collection (metallic fluorescent paper and material).

Branding, Packaging & Post Production: Alessia Sistori
Set Design: Alessia Sistori, Lilly Friedeberg & Marc Oortman
Photography: Marc Oortman

Dear Mayuko Branding & Packaging

By Daikoku Design Institute

Dear Mayuko is a lifestyle-proposing cosmetics and beauty brand noted for using ceresin, a natural moisturizing component found in silkworm cocoons. Sensations evoked by Dear Mayuko shampoos and face washes—fluffy, bubbly, silky, glossy—are portrayed with various rounded shapes that derive from the circular shape of the silkworm cocoon.

Art Director: Daikoku Daigo
Designers: Daikoku Daigo, Mayumi Sano, Naoko Sasaki

Food For The Brain Branding & Packaging

By Razom
Branding, Packaging by Razom